Ms Nadine A. Molloy, JP

MLS, MA, BA, Dip. Teach.

Nadine A. Molloy hails from Spring Hill in the parish of Portland. Raised a Quaker (Religious Society of Friends), she currently worships at the Olsen Chapel of the Church of God in Jamaica as a mark of respect for the church who owns the school and operates it jointly with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture. A two-time graduate of the University of the West Indies Mona, Ms. Molloy also has additional graduate qualification from the Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan in Secondary Education Administration. She is a proud past student of the Marymount High School for Girls in Highgate, St. Mary where she served as Head Girl and a student council member for several years. Ms. Molloy has teacher qualification from the Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville, Manchester.

A trained teacher librarian, she has worked at the Brown’s Town Community College as Lecturer Librarian after leaving Bishop Gibson High School for Girls, where she taught English Language and Literature. As a library student she spent time doing fieldwork at the historic and prestigious Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture, in Harlem; a part of the New York Public Library network.

At Bishop Gibson High she was involved in producing the school's magazine and mentored many students through various co-curricular activities. She has been a secondary school principal since 2000, previously serving at the Buff Bay High School. During her tenure the school experienced improvement in all facets of its development.

Ardenne has experienced significant growth since her tenure began in 2012. For the first time since inspections began in the new improved format, Ardenne is now rated Exceptionally High by the National Education Inspectorate.

Vice Principals

Ian Jackson
(Acting) Lower School Vice Principal
Ms. Hyacinth Miller
MEd, BSC, Dip. Ed.
Vice Principal, Discipline and Data
Ms. Jacqueline Pinto
MSC, BA (Hons), Dip.Ed
Upper School Vice Principal

Academic Staff

Ms. N. Johnson
Grade 7
Mr. J. Wright
Grade 7
Mrs. M. Fitz-Henley
Grade 8
Mrs. L. Wint-Watson
Grade 8
Ms. K. Woolcock
Grade 9
Mrs. J. Pinnock
Grade 9
Mr. K. Meeks
Grade 10
Ms. M. Lewis
Grade 10
Mrs. Campbell-Dawes
Grade 11
Mrs. M. Vassell-Coleman
Grade 11
Mrs. J. George-Johnson
6th Form
Mrs. K. Coates-Anderson
6th Form
Ms A. Jones
Mrs. Julia Baines
Ms. A. Mason
Ms J. Henry
Mrs. S. Gaynor-Smith
Modern Languages
Mrs. T. Kassie - Henry
Mrs. C. Bailey-Reid
Physical Education
Mr. C. Tomlinson
Visual & Perf. Art
Ms. R. Terbaniesingh
Mrs. M. Robinson
Ind. Arts & Home Econ
Ms. A. Lobban
Teach/Librarian & Com Serv
Ms. B. Campbell
Data & Systems
Ms. L. Vernon
External Examination
Mrs M. Lawrence-Davids
Cultural Agent/Co-Curricular
Mrs. J. Henry
House Sys, Int Ex & Safety
Mr. N. Malcolm
After School
Rev. M. Samuels
Dean of Discipline
Mr. D. Wadsworth
Book Rental
Ms. D. Pyne
Book Rental
Mrs. L. Wilson
Renweb Facilitator

Here are the members that are a part of our staff team by departments

Staff Members

  • Ms. A. Jones (HOD)
  • Ms. M. Brown
  • Ms. K. Coates
  • Ms. S. Francis
  • Ms. N. Johnson
  • Ms. M. Dwyer
  • Mrs. K. Thompson-Ritchie
  • Mr. A. Whyte (Digital Media and Gaming & Animation)
  • Ms. C. Whittle
  • Ms. S. Williams
  • Ms. R. Ramcharan
  • Mrs. S. Gaynor-Smith (HOD)
  • Ms. R. Brown
  • Mrs. E. Calliard-Burton
  • Ms. S. Chambers
  • Ms. L. Deslandes
  • Mrs. K. Solomon
  • Mr. E. Harris
  • Ms. A. Royal
  • Ms. D. Campbell
  • Rev. S. Henry
  • Ms. K. Hill
  • Mrs. K. McKellop
  • Mr. P. Taylor
  • Mrs. M. Robinson (HOD)
  • Ms. L. Allison (I.A.)
  • Mr. R. Cargill (I.A.)
  • Mrs. C. Bunting
  • Mr. T. Shirley
  • Mrs. C. Malcolm-Wright (I.A.)
  • Ms. T. McLaren (H.E.)
  • Mr. C. Stephens (I.A.)
  • Ms. K. Woolcock (H.E.)
  • Mrs. A. Mason (HOD)
  • Ms. T. Berlin (on-leave)
  • Mr. W. Campbell
  • Ms. J. Coke
  • Ms. C. Cole
  • Ms. R. Robinson
  • Mrs. M. Davis
  • Ms. S. Dunn
  • Ms. C. Harris
  • Ms. P. McCarthy
  • Mrs. J. Morris-Black
  • Mr. A. Peart
  • Ms. D. Pyne
  • Ms. L. Vernon
  • Ms. N. Wilson
  • Mr. D. Thompson
  • Mrs. T. Campbell - Dawes
  • Mrs. J. Baines (English & Law) (HOD)
  • Ms.. G. Josephs
  • Ms. O. Hamilton
  • Ms. C. Smith
  • Ms. A. Lobban, (Library Studies)
  • Mrs. A. McIndoe
  • Mrs. S. Rowe
  • Ms. D. Rufus (English and Law)
  • Ms. D. Smith
  • Ms. G. Thompson
  • Mrs. M. Vassell-Coleman
  • Mrs. L. Wilson
  • Mrs. J. Fraser
  • Ms. N. McKenzie (Part-time)
  • Mrs. Y. Smith –Johnson
  • Ms. D. Johnson
  • Mr. I. Croll
  • Ms. J. Henry (HOD)
  • Mr. F. Brown
  • Ms. K. Campbell
  • Mr. B. Daley
  • Mrs. J. Henry
  • Ms. R. Reynolds
  • Mrs. J. George-Johnson
  • Ms. Green (Part-time)
  • Ms. T. Douglas
  • Mrs. M. Fitz-Henley
  • Mrs. Terbaniesingh, Rossetta (HOD)
  • Mrs. J. Gibson-Miller
  • Mrs. V. Hitchener
  • Mr. R. Martin (Math & Science)
  • Mr. K. Meeks
  • Mrs. J. Pinnock
  • Ms. N. Johnson
  • Mr. R. Phillips
  • Mr. D. Wadsworth
  • Mrs. L. Wint-Watson
  • Mr. J. Wright
  • Mr. C. Tomlinson (HOD)
  • Ms. S. Beadle (Drama)
  • Mrs. V. Brown
  • Mr. R. Gdsmith
  • Ms. S. Barclay
  • Mr. C. Palmer (Music)
  • Ms. G. Thompson (English and Drama)
  • Mrs. C. Bailey-Reid (HOD)
  • Ms. B. Campbell
  • Ms. K. Griffiths
  • Mr. W. Hall
  • Mrs. T. Kassie - Henry (HOD)
  • Ms. L. Douglas (R.E.)
  • Mrs. M. Lawrence-Davids
  • Ms. M. Lewis (Sociology)
  • Mr. N. Malcolm
  • Ms. S. Morris
  • Ms. A. Norris
  • Mr. O. Daley
  • Ms. J. Hutchinson (part time)


Ardenne’s crest, as designed by Dr. E.M. Claire Gayle, Former Principal, embodies the principles and visions of the institution. It is therefore highly significant and symbolic.

The crest bears the following: the colours blue and gold, a torch, steps, open gates and a cross. The colours were inspired by nature- the calm vastness of the azure sky and the sparkling radiance of the tropical sunshine. The blue symbolises the enormous potential of young minds while the gold represents the success and happiness to be gleaned through education.

As represented in the crest, a student on entering the welcoming gates of Ardenne High has the potential and undergoes different transitional stages (the steps). In the quest for knowledge and self-actualisation, each stage should bring one closer to his/her goals and the zenith of knowledge at that level, as represented by the flaming torch. The overhanging cross is therefore a beacon pointing the way to this success achieved through Christ.

Ardenne’s crest should therefore be revered as it encourages the completeness of man in body, mind and spirit.


In 1907, just after the great earthquake that destroyed much of Kingston, the Rev. George and Nellie Olson came to Jamaica as Church of God Missionaries from Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A, where the Church of God has its headquarters. In 1927, they began the first school at Highholborn Street in Kingston with an enrolment of 5 students. In 1929 the Ardenne property of 12 acres was purchased through funds received from the Missionary Board of the Church of God in the U.S.A. and other private donors. The main block of buildings was erected.

However, it was not until January 1938 that the school was transferred to its present location. Mrs. Nellie Olson, co-founder, was the first Principal, and she held this office until 1944 when she was succeeded by her daughter Ms. Mary Olson. Ms. Olson served as Principal through most of the schools formative years until 1969 when Mrs. E.M. Claire Gayle who had previously served as Vice- Principal succeeded her. Ms. Gayle was succeeded by the fourth Principal, Mr. Roy J. Ebanks in 1979. When he retired in 1996, Mr. Winston Roberts became the fifth Principal after serving as Vice Principal from 1979.

During the interim May 1998 to December 1999, as a result of Mr. Winston Roberts illness and ultimate death, Mrs. Erma J. Hutton served as acting Principal. Mrs. Esther Tyson assumed responsibility as the sixth Principal in January 2000. Phenomenal growth in the school has taken place over the years numerically present enrolment stands at approximately 1800, and in its infrastructure, as well as its curricular offerings with an academic staff of 97. In addition to the traditional academic subjects, the school offers courses in the Vocational and Technical areas.

Ardenne High School is dedicated to developing the total person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. In addition to scheduled classes a variety of activities such as clubs and games are offered to the students. All students must be involved in at least one Co-curricular activity. A list of all such programmes can be obtained at the school. Co-curricular activities include participation in all the major sporting competitions, including Swimming, Football, Basketball, Netball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton and Track and Field. In addition to sports, various clubs and societies such as the Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF), Drama, Dance, Chess and Key clubs; also Schools Challenge Quiz, Spelling Bee, the Debating Society, Tourism Action Club, Choir, the Cadet, Guides, Interact, Ardenne Development Club and Ardennes Coalition of Environmentalist (ACE), add enrichment to the lives of our students.

Ardenne epitomises strong Christian values and the role of the church has been historically invaluable. Despite changes in its organizational structure and programmes, the church has maintained a strong influence in the schools operation. In spite of financial limitations, we strive to make the best education available for our students. The serious constraints under which we operate have not deterred us in our determination to provide for our children the kind of education that will enable them to take their places in society. Our motto exemplifies this determination: Deo Duce Quaere Optima - With God as Guide, Seek the Best.


Mission Statement

Ardenne is founded on high ethical principles based on the moral teachings of Christianity. Its motto, ‘Deo Duce Quaere Optima’, translates ‘With God As Guide, Seek The Best.

Ardenne High School is committed to providing quality education in a Christian environment and to inculcate the principles of Christian tolerance and self-discipline as the foundation for self worth. This is achieved by offering a wide variety of activities, which serves to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of society.


The main goals are to:


Throughout the history of man, mottos have served as inspirations and have been instrumental in assisting us to achieve greatness. The founders of Ardenne, namely the Olsons, must have been moved by the power and relevance of the school’s motto created by Dr. E. M. Claire Gayle ‘Deo Duce Quaere Optima.’

The ‘Deo Duce’ at the beginning of the motto shows us clearly the importance of God in our pursuits of excellence, as he tempers our ambitions and instils humility in us. The motto therefore motivates us to strive for the highest possible standards, personally and collectively in accordance with God’s will.

The motto possesses a most important concept ‘The Best.’ This drives us towards the attainment and maintenance of excellence. It therefore motivates us to strive for the highest possible standards, personally and collectively, in accordance with God’s will.

Ardenne’s flag remains fluttering proud atop its high mast of significance amidst the winds of time until our mission on earth is accomplished. Until then -‘WITH GOD AS GUIDE, SEEK THE BEST

School Song

Ye valiant youth arise, and join
life’s glorious fray,
With God as guide, he will strength
provide to conquer day to day.

In hallowed hall or field, we’ll
strive but never yield;
We will fight with our might,
undefeated be the conflict mild or heated:
Brave and strong, shunning wrong
we will march along
To the future’s brighter ray.

With loyalty and pride, we’ll
shield our noble name,
Whatever assail it shall ne’er
prevail, we’ll conquer just the same:
With banner high, unfurled, a
symbol to the world
Of the zeal that we feel in
pursuing what we’re doing, ever viewing
The bright crest of the best
That will crown our quest,
And fan Ardenne’s glorious flame.

Written by: Vincent Kelly