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Ardenne High Banking Information

Bank: National Commercial Bank
Branch: Half Way Tree
Account Type: Chequing

Account Numbers:

Clubs & Sports

Ardenne High School is dedicated to developing the total person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. In addition to scheduled classes a variety of activities such as clubs and games are offered to the students. The overall purpose of these clubs and societies is to help to develop optimally rounded individuals.

List of Co-Curricular Activities

Art Club Badminton Net Ball
Band Basket Ball (for boys and girls) Math Club
Cadet Corps Choir School's Challenge Quiz
Club Salsa Club Chess Science Club
Cricket Sign Language Club Dance Club
Debating Spanish Club Drama Club
Football Spelling Bee French Club
Lawn Tennis Swimming Girls Guides
Interact Club Table Tennis Inter-School Christian Fellowship
Karate Tourism Action Club Key Club
Track & Field Literary Arts Society Needs Improvement

Co-Curricular National School Competitions

Manning Cup Football School's Debating Competition
Pepsi and Colts Football Competition National School's Competition
National Spelling Bee School's Drama Festival
School's Challenge Quiz School's Spanish Festival

Co-Curricular Activity Notice:

Parents are being strongly encouraged to ensure that their child/ward is involved in at least one co-curricular activity at all time throughout their school live. As of June 2005 only students who satisfy the co-curricular requirements of the school will be considered for award of Ardenne High School Graduation Diplomas. It is important to note that more universities are requesting evidence of co-curricular involvement along with academic transcripts to satisfy the admissions criteria of these institutions. At the University of the West Indies students who apply to the Faculty of Medicine should have school’s officials verify the applicant’s co-curricular involvement on their application form.

The House System

History of the Housing System

There are eight houses which were named after persons who have contributed to Ardenne High School.


The House was named after Mr. Edgar Harrison who worked at Victoria Mutual Building Society and served as The Chairman of the Board of Ardenne High School.

The House was named after Mr. Alfred Cohen who was a Church of God Minister

Mr. J.W. Phelps was a Missionary on the Board of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A.

Mr. Jacob Colter was a Missionary on the Board and he contributed money which was used to buy 11 ½ acres of land.

Mr. Mills offered Educational Services at the Ministry of Education and was assigned to Ardenne High School where he gave invaluable service.

Rev. George & Nellie Olson are founders of Ardenne High School.

Mrs. E. M. Claire Gayle served as Principal of Ardenne High School from 1969 to 1979.

Rev. Cleve Grant was the first Chaplain of Ardenne High School. He retired from that post in the year 2002.

All Students are placed in a house when they are admitted into the school and they are expected to participate in all activities of the house.

Houses are linked to the class system i.e. Houses are streamed along with classes. Sixth Formers are assigned to previous houses or randomly placed.

71 - 111 Olson RED
72 - 112 Cohen BLUE
73 - 113 Mills PURPLE
74 - 114 Harrison ORANGE
75 - 115 Gayle PINK
76 - 116 Colter GREEN
77 - 117 Grant CRÈME/BIEGE
78 - 118 Phelps YELLOW


House meetings are held every other Wednesday from 8:00 – 8:40 a.m

House Competitions/Activties

Sports Day – Track and Field {ROY EBANKS Trophy) December
House Internal Competitions - Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Netball, Swimming Seasonal
Song and Banner Competition –(ERMA HUTTON Trophy) October
ESTHER TYSON Competition for the Performing Arts
  • Drama
  • Speech/Poetry
  • Song
  • Music/Instrumental
  • Music/Instrumental
Environmental Competition (WINSTON ROBERTS Trophy) School Year
Academic Quiz Competitions – (MERLENE BINGHAM Trophy) Mathematics, Science, Essay Writing November
Technical and Vocational (Tech. Voc.) Expo – (LUZ JOHNSON trophy) Information Technology,Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Clothing and Design, Art, Industrial Technology, Poster Comp Easter Term

Track and field is the most spectacular of all house activities. Each house is vying for the coveted ROY EBANKS TROPHY. First, second, and third place finishers receive medals. Cheerleaders, parade winners and mascot/banner winners, receive trophies. Champion boys and girls receive trophies (replicas). Medals are presented on Sports Day, whilst trophies are given when they return to school in January.

NOTE: Sports day is regarded as a school day, and so students are expected to abide by the rules of the school. No outsiders are allowed on the compound on sports day.

Student Leadership

The Prefects System

Headboy and Headgirl

The Role of The Head Boy/Head Girl Entails

Types of Prefects

Form Monitors

Each Form teacher appoints a Boy and a Girl as Form Monitors at the beginning of each term. The same Form Monitors for term one may serve for terms two and three, as long as the Form Teacher approves.

The form monitor is in control when a teacher is absent. All students should remember that the form monitor is an important extension of the disciplinary structures of the school and even more important an extension of the school’s administration.

Student Council

The Student Council is a representative body of the students elected by their peers to give voice to the opinions and desires of the students.

The Council is the official organ of united students’ expression to the Administration of the school. Through the Council, lines of communication are kept open between the student body and faculty and administration.

Each form has two representatives, boy and girl on the Council. The Council meets once per month, and the Council meets with the Administration of the school once per month. It is within the portfolio of the Student Council to offers suggestions for improvement in the school.

Peer Counselling

Peer Counsel is the term usually used when referring to the counselling of others in their own age group. This method of counselling has been found to be most effective in situations dealing with sexual behaviour, unhappiness, difficulties in relationships with adults – parents, guardians, teachers – concerning such matters as selection of friends, selection of clothes, homework, etc.